About Kezhu
  • Network marketing

    With the high-speed development of Internet, universal has entered a "new era" of network society. In this era of network information dissemination primarily, branding is changing quietly,


  • Analysis of how to compete

    Kohler master tells us: "the art of marketing is about the difference between", competition analysis is to define the "difference". Competitive analysis before, the first to identify areas ...


  • Use microblogging search to find you

    How to use weibo search to find your target users, content is a little, can understand a look, also can be a very good inspired


Engineering Case
shenzhen branch to build information technology co,ltd.(hereinafter referred to as built network)was founded in 1999,is a set of software development,internet,mobile internet innovation technology development and application;industry portal platform investment operations,brand high-end enterprise website construction,t
AMB advantage

why shoose us

    SZKEZHU is established to offer high quality, unique design LED products to our customer at competitive prices. Our vision is to contribute to a sustainable world by offering advanced low energy products. We want to let the world know that at SZKEZHU “All’s Marvellously Brilliant “